Beat The Streets - New York City Wrestling

Eleven years ago, a small group of passionate wrestlers had a vision centered around the idea that if the lessons learned on the wrestling mat-- a strong work ethic, grit, perseverance, self-reliance, humility-- are applied to other areas of life, then so much more can be achieved in a lifetime. With humble beginnings that included a combined total of 26 programs in both high school and middle school, we at BTSNY are proud of the efforts that all of our supporters have provided to lead Beat the Streets to where it is today, including a total of 55 middle school programs, 67 boys high school programs, 26 girls programs for what is the first of its kind in the US, a girls only high school wrestling league, and 11 Blended League teams, a pioneering coed program where boys and girls compete together, not as opponents but as teammates.

As we approach a new era at Beat the Streets, we'd like to share the results of the impact our supporters have helped us make. While we celebrate how far we have come, we hope that continued support, and new partnerships, help us reach even greater milestones in the years to come. On behalf of our kids, coaches, staff, and alumni, we want to extend our most sincere thanks for all the support!