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The “Become Your Own Dream” Scholarship, created by Hooman Tavakolian and co-founded along with Lorelei Martin and Jon Tush, is a 1-year award that goes to help a New York City student-athlete who has overcome hardship, graduated from high school, and plans to attend college.

For Donors

If you would like to contribute to the Become Your Own Dream Scholarship Fund, please send a designated check made out to Beat The Streets to: Beat the Streets, 252 West 37th Street, Suite 400, New York, NY 10018

 or click here for credit card donations.

For Applicants

The deadline for the 2017-2018 School Year is:

March 30th


Criteria for This Scholarship

This scholarship will be decided annually based on the following criteria:

  • Candidate is graduating from a high school in New York City.Jon Tush (from left), Lorelei Tavakolian, First Award Recipient William Vera, and Hooman Tavakolian.
  • Candidate plans to attend college. 
  • Candidate has demonstrated financial need.
  • Candidate has received a recommendation from his or her High School Coach.
  • Candidate demonstrates:
    • Strength of character.
    • Commitment to academics.
    • Leadership skills.

How to Apply

To apply for this scholarship, a high school student must submit the following materials prior to the March 30th deadline.

  • A completed 2018 Application
  • An essay that demonstrates:
    • How wrestling has influenced applicant’s life in a positive way
    • How applicant plans on giving back to the sport of wrestling in the future
  • A letter of recommendation from coach, specifying how the applicant has demonstrated:
    • Strength of Character
    • Leadership Skills
  • A copy of High School Transcript
  • Demonstration of financial need, either:
    • Proof of having been on school lunch program
    • Parents’ confidential statement

Selection & Award Process

Once the submission period is closed, all applications will be reviewed by the selection committee and the one candidate who best represents the above criteria will be chosen to receive the scholarship. The winner will be announced at the Beat the Streets Annual Gala. Once the scholarship winner enrolls in a college program, arrangements will be made to transfer the funds directly to that institution on the winner's behalf. 

How You Can Help

Contributions to the “Become Your Own Dream Scholarship” can be made by check payable to “Beat the Streets Wrestling” with “Become Your Own Dream” written in the memo. These can be mailed to:

Beat the Streets Wrestling
“Become Your Own Dream Scholarship”
252 West 37th Street, Suite 400
New York, NY 10018

You can also make a credit card donation by clicking here.

About the Founder

Hooman Tavakolian grew up in poverty among the affluent. He immigrated at the age of 9 to America from a war-torn Iran to living in a 3 bedroom home with one bathroom for 12 people. As a boy, he delivered papers to help make ends meet for his family, where even the small amount he made doing odd jobs was vital to keeping his family afloat. Throughout all this, he found wrestling to be a constant and consistent source of respite, encouragement, and direction. He escaped all his worries when wrestling. Hooman truly believes that what he learned in life from wrestling helped him make it out of poverty to the financially independent and successful life he has today.

Beat the Streets thanks Hooman Tavakolian, Lorelei Tavakolian, Jon Tush, and all those who donate to this fund for helping other New York City girls and boys to achieve their dreams built upon hard work and determination in the face of financial and social challenges!

Past Winners

  • 2018 - Yusif Noori (Robert F. Kennedy Community)
  • 2017 - Brandon Nunez (John Bowne)
  • 2016 - Leonard Merkin (Poly Prep)
  • 2015 - Nathanael Rose (Eagle)
  • 2014 - Konstantin Parfiryev (Madison)
  • 2013 - Rosemary Flores (Curtis)
  • 2012 - Amanda Jackson (Scholars Academy) and Ahmed Elsayed (Wingate)
  • 2011 - William Vera (Bryant)