Beat The Streets - New York City Wrestling

On Thursday, September 28, Beat the Streets New York held Tailgates & Tonics at The Ainsworth's midtown location raising $10,000! Over 80 patrons attended the fall fundraiser, held in support of the BTSNY Junior League, the city's largest middle school wrestling program. The event was also an opportunity for the NYC wrestling community to socialize, and network. 

Former wrestlers, current wrestlers, and other friends of wrestling came in droves. Besides continuously trickling in at the door, many took part in a raffle where the winner won a gift certificate to the Ainsworth. All proceeds of the raffle also went to the Junior League. 

One of the attendees, Rafael Soto, has been coaching wrestling for 45 years—NYU, Hunter College, CW Post, and, most recently, the girls program at Hunter College High School are among some of the programs he's been involved with. For someone who has had such a long relationship with New York wrestling, it was an obvious choice to attend the fundraiser. "I think it's important for all of uwho are wrestling, involved in wrestling, or have a passion for wrestling to support anything Beat the Streets does," said Soto. This sense of duty, according to Soto, is due to how "BTS got the ball rolling again by increasing the number of teams participating in the city, leading the charge for a women's program."  

Thomas Courtney, who is involved in wrestling at the New York Wrestling Club (NYAC), described how "in the early 80s, there was no such thing as wrestling, but Mike [Novogratz] and all these guys are doing extraordinary things for so many gifted boys and girls to get exposed to the sport." Courtney described how kids usually think of baseball or basketball, but not wrestling, and that Beat the Streets is changing that. Courtney is "a big fan of everything [BTS] does" and believes that BTS is making a "tremendous difference in lives."  In response to why he was attending Tailgates & Tonics, Courtney noted that all his friends were there and "if it's a little bit of an extra way to support the mission of Beat the Streets, then fantastic, I'm thrilled to be there."  

Later in the night, Brendan Buckley, BTSNY's Executive Director, addressed the crowd. He thanked them for their attendance and their continued support of Beat the Streets. He also reminded them to join Step Into the Circle, the Beat the Streets adult wrestling tournament in support of the organization, which will be held on November 18, 2017. 

Beat the Streets Wrestling is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. If you would like to support our mission to improve the lives and futures of New York City public school students by giving them the opportunity to wrestle, please click the donate button below: