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Alberto Ebanks

Admitted to the Bar of New York State in 1994, Alberto Ebanks began his legal career as an associate at a Long Island law firm representing financial institutions as a Banks Attorney. Upon leaving Long Island, Alberto accepted an appointment for Assistant District Attorney in New York City. He later went into private practice for a nationally recognized law firm where he represented members of various law enforcement unions, including the FBI, DEA and ATF and distinguished himself in both the criminal and civil representation of his clients by setting precedent at the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings and at the Civil Service Commission.

While continuing to successfully practice law, Alberto also embarked on the industry of representing professional athletes as both attorney and a certified Agent.

A seasoned trial attorney with more than 100 verdicts under his belt, Alberto has developed a reputation for his incisive surgical approach to trial work. His law practice has taken him from the Bronx to Buffalo, where he covered State matters and on Federal matters from coast to coast as well as internationally. He has represented everyone from rappers to rabbis on a variety of cases ranging from “mischief to murder."

Alberto is a life member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, New York State Bar Association and various other Bar Associations.

Alberto is a recognized member of the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Defense Lawyers and the American Law Society He was nominated and selected for the 2019 New York Metro Super Lawyers Magazine.

How has the sport of wrestling changed and enhanced your life?

I developed discipline, a strong competitive spirit and determination through the sport of wrestling. It changed me. I credit the sport with providing me access to higher education and opening many doors for me. I can't imagine where I would be in my life without the sport.

Why did you decide to join the BTSNY Board?

I joined because I was once an NYC wrestler. I had the opportunity to represent the Public Schools Athletic League (PSAL) in the state tournament pre BTS. Back then you really had to pull out the do it yourself kit. You had to be operating under heaven's blessing to get all of the support, attention, guidance and development that BTS offers kids. Put another way, I remember what things were like for the average NYC wrestler pre BTS and it was not easy.

What's your favorite part of being part of the BTSNY Board?

Being on the Board has given me the amazing feeling of knowing I'm giving back to the community that raised me. I was once one of those kids and I fully understand their challenges. I just love our kids and coaches. It's also a privilege to be able to work with some extraordinary people, the other Board members. While I have high regard for the men and women on the Board, I have to also take my hat off to the Executive Director Brendan Buckley, and his staff. I also wish to add that what Mike Novogratz started has made a huge, pardon me, HUGE difference in the lives of so many kids.

Alberto Ebanks
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