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Varonis Partnership

Beat the Streets has partnered with Varonis to provide dynamic opportunities to youth across New York City. The mission of the partnership is to make sure kids have the opportunities to join the labor market and become productive, industrious adults. 
A portfolio of the opportunities offered are listed below. 

Life Skills Program
High School Students come to the Varonis Headquarters during the summer months, 2 – 3 per week for a 5 week long internship program. They meet with the Marketing/Education, HR/Recruiting, IT, Sales, and Finance teams. This program allows students to gain real life skills, as well as an understanding of what they might want to study when they go to college. A breakdown of what each team dives into can be found below:

  • Marketing/Education – Writing skills, event planning, digital marketing
  • HR/Recruiting – Resume and cover letter creation, interview role play, social media, LinkedIn, how to read a pay slip, resources for job searching
  • IT – Basic computer skills
  • Sales – How to put together a sales pitch, shadowing, pitching to the company
  • Finance – Personal finance, budgeting, saving, opening and managing a bank account and credit card

Excel Skills Program
High School Students come to the Varonis Headquarters during the summer months in conjunction with the Life Skills Program to learn basic excel skills through hands on training with the Finance Team. The students and the team will meet for a total of 10 sessions. 

Financial Skills Program
High School Students come to the Varonis Headquarters after school to meet with the CFO/COO, Guy Melamed and members from the Finance Team for a 6 – 8 week long comprehensive program. Students will learn the basic fundamentals of “Financial Skills.” Topics include:
Credit Cards, Credit Scores, and Budgeting

  • Loans and ROI
  • Community Activity, Compounding Interest
  • Stock Market Education Day
  • NASDAQ Day
  • How to Analyze Risk 
  • How HR Relates to Finance

SAT and Regents Prep Program
Students who are involved in BTS are eligible to receive SAT and Regents Tutoring based on their attendance and engagement in wrestling. Students must attend 10 hours of SAT/Regents Prep in any one cycle. 

After School Tutoring Program
Middle School Students receive After School Tutoring from an outside, certified, DOE approved, tutoring company who puts together a customized curriculum to help with Math, English, and NYS Exam prep.

Alumni Support Program
A Varonis/BTS Alumni is considered a student who has completely graduated from the Varonis Programs. Varonis conducts monthly check-ins with Alumni to see how things have been, talk about changes going on in their life, provide ongoing support, help prep for interviews, compose college recommendation letters, etc.