Ryan Abbott

Ryan Abbott is a Managing Director at Oakridge Staffing, a respected financial recruitment firm with a reputation built on selectivity and hands on approach throughout the entire process. Widely recognized as one of New York's most successful technology recruiters, Ryan cuts a distinctive figure in the recruitment community. 

Originally from DuBois, Pennsylvania, Ryan is a graduate of University of Maryland. While at the University of Maryland, Ryan was a multiple time state qualifier, a state place winner in both Freestyle and Greco, as well as a member of the Pennsylvania National wrestling team. He wrestled for the University of Maryland from 1994-1997.

A natural connector, Ryan is universally respected by friends and business partners for his work ethic, pleasant manner, and professionalism. Whether attending a local wrestling match, playing with his daughters or participating in Crossfit workouts, Ryan approaches work and life with his own unique combination of intelligence, passion, and humor.

"Growing up in Pennsylvania wrestling was my outlet. It let me achieve goals and develop into the man I am today. Wrestling helped me funnel my energy and build a strong strategic foundation and path to succeed later in life. I hope by being part of the Council for Beat the Streets, my time and energy will help other kids gain as much from wrestling as I did in my life thus far."

Ryan is a member of the Rye Arts Center. He lives in Larchmont, NY with his wife and two daughters.