David Rios


David Rios has been in involved in the sport of wrestling for over 30 years, involved as a student competitor, at both the high school and collegiate levels, as a coach and as a parent of wrestlers.  He began his career competing in the NYC Public School Athletic League, graduating from Stuyvesant High School in 1989, and subsequently wrestling for SUNY Binghamton.  While earning a Master’s Degree in Mathematics at the NYU Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences (1993-1995), Rios volunteered as a wrestling coach at Stuyvesant High School, and at Long Island City High School while completing his Ph. D. in Statistics at Columbia University (1996-2000). 

Coaching at Stuyvesant was a matter of convincing young men who had a tremendous amount of academic drive and ability to take the risk of competing in an arena where they were far from experienced.  L.I.C., on the other hand, had a student body with a wide variety of backgrounds and directions in life.  Rios proudly remembers the kids he reached through wrestling, including those able to use the discipline that the sport ingrained in them to attend college. He also remembers the many kids from less fortunate surroundings who simply appreciated and benefited from the stability and escape of the wrestling room.

Rios has worked on Wall Street in both research and trading roles at Credit Suisse, Nomura Securities, and BNY Mellon. He is convinced that wrestling helped to prepare him for the fast-paced, high-risk and often humbling world of bond trading decisions, reactions and counter decisions.  He believes that the discipline and focus that the sport of wrestling demands translate to a host of real-world environments. In 2015, Dr. Rios began lecturing in Mathematics at Columbia University.

Dr. Rios has two sons wrestling at Brooklyn Tech High School (1st  place PSAL Division 1 qualifying tournament 2016) and spends his free time trying to convince them to pay attention to him every once in a while.