Allix Williamson-Communications Coordinator


Allix Williamson joined Beat the Streets in April of 2019 following her time serving as the Director of Wrestling Operations for Campbell University. Williamson has been involved in the wrestling community for many years, beginning as a manager at Wartburg College in Waverly, IA where she received her Bachelor's in Organizational and Public Relations in 2016. 

An Iowa native, Williamson has worked in a variety of roles throughout her time in wrestling. Throughout her undergraduate career Allix completed internships with the National Wrestling Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum, as well as Wartburg Wrestling. Following graduation from Wartburg, Allix worked with Upper Iowa University and Grand View University as an Admissions Counselor, working specifically with the Chicago Public School District, Football, and Wrestling. 

In May of 2019, Allix graduated from the University of Missouri with her Masters of Education in School, Leadership and Counseling Psychology. She now lives in New Jersey and enjoys yoga, reading and listening to podcasts.