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Beat the Streets locations celebrate Women's Wrestling Emerging Sport Status Recommendation

By Allix Williamson, 06/03/19, 4:30PM EDT


NEW YORK- Beat the Streets is excited to join the NCAA, USA Wrestling and Wrestle Like a Girl in announcing  that Women’s Wrestling has been recommended for Emerging Sport Status by the NCAA for all three divisions. Beat the Streets locations provide opportunities for female wrestlers throughout the United States ranging from daily practices, dual meet opportunities and tournaments to the Cliff Keen Gotham City Girls Open located in New York City, and the all-female Hollywood Wrestles Bollywood event in Los Angeles.  

According to the USA Wrestling Girls High School Development Committee, 22,906 girls participated in high school wrestling in the 2018-2019 season.  There are currently 23 NCAA programs who have met the minimum qualifications to compete under the Emerging Sports Status declaration.

Beat the Streets programs serve 220 sites, offering opportunities to boys and girls, serving over 1200 female wrestlers nationwide.


Members of Beat the Streets staff from various locations responded to the news below:

“Beat the Streets National couldn’t be more thrilled that the NCAA has recognized the explosive growth of girls wrestling at all levels through the Committee on Women’s Athletics recommendation to Divisions I, II and III to add women’s wrestling to the Emerging Sport program.  At Beat the Streets’ city programs, we use wrestling to help student athletes grow and reach their full potential. This eases the pathway for more American colleges and universities to match the growth of high school girls wrestling so that all these young women can reap the benefits of wrestling while pursuing higher education.” Kyra Tirana Barry, Chair of Beat the Streets National


“The growth of women’s wrestling has been exponential at all levels.  We have over 22,000 girls currently competing in high school wrestling who have dreams of continuing their athletic career in big time NCAA DI institutions and onto an Olympic level.  These young ladies deserve to have the same opportunity to compete for and be educated by the same notable universities as their male counterparts. There have been so many people who have worked over years to make NCAA Emerging Sport Status possible.  I am grateful for the time, energy, and resources each poured into the future of women’s wrestling. ” Emma Randall, Beat the Streets NYC


“ This is incredible news and we (BTSNE) are excited for all the young women who will have the opportunity to Wrestle as part of an NCAA Emerging Sport. Every year we see the growth in Women's participation and the impact that it has across the entire wrestling community. I am grateful for all the strong, resilient, and trailblazing pioneers who stepped on the mat day after day unsure of what the next part of their wrestling journey would look like and paved the way for opportunities like this for the next generation” Bior Guigni, Boston Youth Wrestling, Beat the Streets New England 


“An exciting time for women's sports!  Congratulations to all in the sport who have worked tirelessly toward this moment.  We are elated to hear the news that the NCAA has recognized Women’s Wrestling as an Emerging Sport. A moment to reflect on all of the women wrestling pioneers who made sacrifices and laid the foundation for others to find success. We will now see growth in college programs for female athletes.  Wrestling is a sport for everyone…men & women, big and small, from every walk of life.” Nancy Schultz, Beat the Streets Bay Area


“Wrestling’s core values of accountability, excellence, integrity, gratitude and grit are gender-neutral.  Beat the Streets organizations across the country have welcomed girls in our youth programs for years as part of our mission to make wrestling - and all its benefits - accessible to urban youth.  We are delighted that the NCAA is recognizing Women’s Wrestling as an Emerging Sport, which will create opportunity for our female athletes to continue to participate at the collegiate level” Cathy Yen, Beat the Streets Chicago

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