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Sulayman Bah Writes a New Chapter of His Wrestling Story

By Allix Williamson, 08/08/19, 10:45AM EDT


NEW YORK-As an organization existing in the lives of 3000 youth throughout the five boroughs, Beat the Streets serves as witness as our members pass through various chapters of their lives.

While Sulayman Bah may be entering the next chapter of his educational career venturing outside NYC, he will always remain a member of the Beat the Streets family.


Sulayman Bah exhibits strength in all aspects of his life: an exceptional student, a talented wrestler, a leader amongst his peers. Beginning his journey with Beat the Streets in sixth grade, eighth grader Bah has accomplished leaps and bounds, with a limitless future ahead of him. Following a sixth-grade season that did not meet his expectations, Bah continued to fight for his goals leading to a breakthrough year in seventh grade. In his final season with the Beat the Streets Junior League, Bah took first place in the Youth State Championships, leading to a sixth place finish at the NHSCA National Championship in Virginia Beach. Bah has continued to rack up accolades, recently named Junior League Male Athlete of the Year and receiving all-tournament recognition at the Schoolboy National Duals.

“Beat the Streets has helped bring out the best in me,” Bah said, “With the support system they’ve built for me, I’ve been able to improve and learn things from people with more experience, such as Brandon Nunez and Wilver Mariano Peralta.”

Nunez, a legend amongst the five boroughs and PSAL wrestling community, was the PSAL’s first ever New York State Division I wrestling champion. Peralta has added accolades of his own, securing a New York City Championship title.

Sulayman and the MS 129 program are coached by two-time Junior League Coach of the Year, Tyrone Webb. Webb has routinely produced high-level athletes, including 2018 City Champions Peralta and 2019 Become Your Own Dream scholarship winner Adrian Rosario Beato. Webb’s athletes consistently pursue high school educational opportunities that include wrestling.

Off the mat, Bah continues to chase success. A student at MS 129, a BTS sponsored program, Sulayman has maintained a rigorous academic schedule in conjunction with his on-the-mat goals. He is a member of the Saturday Academy, an academic program with MS 129 that attends school Monday through Saturday in order to receive additional preparation for the New York State Exams. This academic tenacity has led him to another milestone, a full scholarship to The Kiski School, an elite all-boys boarding school located outside of Pittsburgh.

Academically, Bah continues to set lofty goals. “I’m extremely ready for the rigor. My goal is to be the best student at my school, with the goal of going to an Ivy League Division I school.”

While he will be moving on from New York City schooling, Bah has left an impact on the local wrestling community that will not be forgotten. We look forward to his return to the BTS room each summer.

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