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Beat The Streets Summer Interns Recap Big Apple Games

By Lamar Carter, 08/20/18, 10:00AM EDT


Beat the Streets student-athletes and staff had extra help over the last month as four college wrestlers joined BTSNY as summer interns to assist with the operation of the Big Apple Games training schedule. Senior Josh Antoine (SUNY Cortland), sophomore Evan Barczak (Drexel University), senior Jayson Cody (Southern Virginia University) and graduate Jaylen Hill (Wheeling Jesuit University) gave a large portion of their summers to Beat the Streets and shared their thoughts about the internship experience with us.


“I loved the coaching and mentoring aspect during my time with Beat the Streets. Traveling to the different boroughs of New York and seeing that they have their own feel and subtleties to them was also great. During my stay here, I learned about what these kids go through and where they come from. I think Beat the Streets’ mission statement sums up their efforts perfectly: developing the human/athletic potential of the urban youth.” – Jayson Cody

“I loved my time here at Beat the Streets, I learned so much: life lessons that made me a better person, how a non-profit organization works, and how to live and get around in a big city. I also got to learn different coaching styles from coaches all around the city and improved my own coaching methods.” – Evan Barczak


 “I took part in this internship because I wanted to give back to the kids in the city. I know I have learned a lot from the many coaches I’ve had throughout the years and I feel obligated to pass that knowledge off to the kids in the city. Most importantly I want to help get more kids from the city on top of the state podium.” – Josh Antoine

“I wanted to do this internship to learn, gain, test and refine my skills as a young professional in New York City as well as create connections and network with more established professionals in the wrestling world.” – Jaylen Hill


“My favorite moment happened after practice one day. A kid walked up to me and I said, “good match, buddy!” He looked away and said, “thanks coach, I got lucky though.” Before he could finish I replied, “look here, man, I’ve been watching you all week out the corner of me eye and you seem to get lucky an awful lot. If you get lucky all the time, it’s considered a skill.” The kid just smiled and I smiled, then he practically bounded out the door with a new-found confidence.” – Cody

“My favorite moments include taking on the youth challengers as they strive to hone their skills and working one-on-one to help them progress on the mat. I also enjoyed giving my insights to the few I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to.” - Hill


One thing that I learned about myself was how to coach and teach my skills better to the kids. I was kind of nervous at first but by the last week I could explain things much clearer. I learned that these wrestlers come from all over the city and that their commutes are hard, but they still find a way to come and work hard.” – Barczak

“I learned that these wrestlers are hungry and ready to get after it. They love going live against each other and they were excited to try the new moves they learned.” – Antoine


“It’s a great stepping stone for your career path. You will have a great time and the kids are willing to learn as long as you apply yourself.” – Antoine

“It’s a great opportunity and New York is great. The kids and coaches are amazing, you should definitely participate. Just some warning though: New York is the second most expensive city in America!” – Cody

“I think it’s a great learning experience for everyone and I think you should participate if you’re interested in helping to develop the youth.” – Hill

“I would love to work for Beat the Streets in the future and be a part of this internship again.” - Barczak