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  • Brandon Cain

4 Beat the Streets Academy student-athletes win PSAL Girls Freestyle City Championships

Alexis Elson, Katherine Berrezueta, Alessandra Elliott and Ariel Ofri-Akman each captured a title.

Beat the Streets New York Academy student-athletes Katherine Berrezueta, Alexis Elson, Ariel Ofri-Akman and Alessandra Elliott hold up their championship brackets at the PSAL Girls Freestyle City Championships on Saturday, May 20, 2023, at Harry S Truman High School in The Bronx. Courtesy/

Four Beat the Streets New York Academy student-athletes won a title at the 2023 Public Schools Athletic League Girls Freestyle City Championships on Saturday at Harry S. Truman High School in The Bronx.

Alexis Elson of Bronx Science/Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy, Katherine Berrezueta of W.C. Bryant, Alessandra Elliott of Curtis/Tottenville and Ariel Ofri-Akman of Bronx Science each won a title.

Ofri-Akman scored a fall to win the 170-pound title. Elson (101), Berrezueta (136) and Elliott (143) each claimed their title by technical superiority with a 10-point margin of victory within the first two minutes of their match.

Fellow BTSNY Academy student-athletes Marielys Lugo (109) of Bathgate took second, and Ashanti Peralta (116) of Bathgate and Zainab Siby (136) of Francis Lewis were each third. BTSNY student-athlete Isabella Lorenzana (255) of Grover Cleveland also took third.

Fellow BTSNY student-athlete Beautiful Robinson (123) of Martin Luther King was named the Cheryl Wong Most Outstanding Wrestler. Robinson was 4-0, with a 10-0 technical superiority in 1:09 and three falls within 1:30 of her matches.

Bronx Science and Curtis tied for the most city champions with three each. Fiqrete Marke (109) and Jordan Aimetti (116) joined Elliott as champions for Curtis. Elson and Ofri-Akman saw teammate Greisy Penalo (255) also win a title. W.C. Bryant also had two champions with Berrezueta and Belen Medina (191).

PSAL Girls Division Championships

Final Results

101: Alexis Elson (Bronx Science/RKA) VSU Aracelli Rodriguez (Harry S Truman), 12-0 1:53

109: Fiqrete Marke (Curtis) VFA Marielys Lugo (Bathgate), 2:25

116: Jordan Aimetti (Curtis) VFA MadisonTavares (Benjamin Cardozo), 2:09

123: Beautiful Robinson (MLK) VFA Destiny Bennett (Harry S Truman), 1:30

130: Luna Santos (Harry S Truman) VFA Willa Nawaday (Bronx Science), 2:36

136: Katherine Berrezueta (W.C. Bryant) VSU Lorimar Sosa (Harry S Truman), 10-0 1:20

143: Alessandra Elliott (Curtis/Tottenville) VSU Gabrielle Heffez (Brooklyn Tech), 10-0 1:08

155: Carolina Lockard (Brooklyn Tech) VFA Djenebou Fofana (Harry S Truman), 2:23

170: Ariel Ofri-Akman (Bronx Science) VFA Ann James (Curtis), 5:14

191: Belen Medina (W.C. Bryant) VFA Sierra Hanrahan (Bronx Science, 2:19

255: Greisy Penalo (Bronx Science) VFA Rumerkis Sosa (Bronx Science), :58

Since being founded in 2005, Beat the Streets has pioneered a movement that now includes 150 individual wrestling programs, a youth league and the first girls high school league.

Beat the Streets works to develop the full human and athletic potential of the urban youth and strengthen the NYC wrestling culture. We aim to make a lifelong impact on student-athletes through the lessons learned on the wrestling mat -- discipline, perseverance, self-reliance, humility and a strong work ethic.



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