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Jamie Brodsky

Mr. Brodsky is a Managing Partner and Co-CEO of Breakwall Capital. He is based in New York.

Previously, Mr. Brodsky was a Partner at Riverstone Holdings LLC, as well as a Founder and Co-Head of Riverstone Credit, focused on the firm’s credit and capital markets activities.

Prior to joining Riverstone in 2014, Mr. Brodsky was a Managing Director and Head of Energy Leveraged Finance at Nomura Securities International. Prior to Nomura, Mr. Brodsky was an Executive Director at UBS Investment Bank in Leveraged Finance Origination, a group in which he was a founding member. Mr. Brodsky began his career as an Analyst at UBS in 2000, working both in New York and London, where he primarily served as a natural resource-focused leveraged finance professional.

Mr. Brodsky holds a B.A. from Duke University and an MBA from Columbia and London Business Schools through the EMBA-Global program. In addition to various corporate boards, Mr. Brodsky is a Board Member of the Army Ranger Lead the Way Fund and Beat the Streets NYC.

1. How has the sport of wrestling changed/enhanced your life?
I follow an Instagram account call the “Wrestler’s Mindset.” It’s a classic, somewhat comedic portrayal of everything that it entails to live the life of a wrestler. I’m mid 40s and have been, seen and done a bunch. Nothing, however, has been as challenging, as rewarding, as valuable as my time as a wrestler. It’s not that hard to articulate, but it's hard for people who didn’t wrestle to understand… when you’ve wrestled, you’ve taken your mind and body to the edge of what someone else may think possible and then you smash right through it.

The first time I ever left the United States as a kid was to wrestle on a Tour De Monde team that competed in Turkey. There was no common denominator with my existence, upbringing, quality of life, or experiences to the kids we competed against, but we knew exactly how to act when we put our respective toes on the line and shook hands. In that instance, during those minutes, we were exactly the same. Today as a father, a businessman and citizen, I am constantly falling back on my training. Wrestling taught me that I can be hurt and I can be fatigued, but I can never be beaten.

I am proud to have been a wrestler. I still lament the victories that I let slip through my fingers, more so than I relish the ones that I capitalized on. But it is precisely that feeling, that drive, that commitment, that propels me to be a better person today.

2. Why did you decide to join our Board?
I don’t believe I can ever truly repay the individuals who taught and sacrificed so much to put me on the path I am on today. That said, I know I can try. The best way I know how is to help assist, cultivate, engage with our next generation of leaders. Beat the Streets embodies so much of what I believe in and given the opportunity to contribute to their efforts with that next generation of leaders, those who are in the process of developing their wrestler’s mindset. To me that is a gift and I am ALL IN!

Jamie Brodsky
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