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29 U.S. World Team members set at Final X, Beat the Streets New York Annual Benefit

Five World champions and three Olympic champions earned their spot on Team USA for the 2023 Senior World Championships.

Chance Marsteller, left, gets his hand raised after defeating Jordan Burroughs, a six-time World champion and 2012 Olympic champion, in a best-of-three series to claim the 79 kg spot in men's freestyle on the United States' 2023 World Championship team on Saturday, June 10 at Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

Twenty-nine athletes earned their spot on the 2023 U.S. Senior World Team at Final X, the Beat the Streets New York Annual Benefit, on Saturday at Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

Ten members each in Greco-Roman and men's freestyle and nine in women's freestyle punched their tickets to the 2023 Senior World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia. The final U.S. World Team berth will be determined at a later site and date, as 2022 World silver medalist Helen Maroulis received an extension on her finals series against Xochitl Mota-Pettis due to injury. Maroulis, an Olympic champion and three-time World champion, was eligible for the extension as a 2022 World medalist.

For the second straight year, Final X served as the BTSNY Annual Benefit that raises more than $1 million each year to support local youth wrestling programs which empower young people in New York City.

The men's freestyle Final X winners are highlighted by three Olympic champions: 2020 Olympic champions David Taylor (86 kg) and Gable Steveson (125 kg), plus 2016 Olympic champion Kyle Snyder (97 kg). Four-time World champion Kyle Dake (74 kg) also claimed a spot.

In women's freestyle, the Final X winners are led by four World champions: six-time World champion Adeline Gray (76 kg), 2019 World champion Jacarra Winchester (55 kg) and 2022 World champions Dominique Parrish (53 kg) and Amit Elor (72 kg).

A pair of 2020 U.S. Olympians, Ildar Hafizov (60 kg) and Alejandro Sancho (67 kg), are among the Greco-Roman Final X winners.

Seven of the best-of-three championships series were pushed to a full three matches, including five in Greco-Roman and one each in men's and women's freestyle.

Final X Final Results

At Newark, N.J., June 10

Men’s freestyle

57 kg – Zane Richards (Illinois RTC/Titan Mercury WC) vs. Thomas Gilman (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC)

Bout One: Richards dec. Gilman, 4-3

Bout Two: Richards dec. Gilman, 8-6

61 kg – Vitali Arujau (Spartan Combat RTC/Titan Mercury WC) vs. Nahshon Garrett (Titan Mercury WC/Lehigh Valley WC)

Bout One: Arujau dec. Garrett, 6-5

Bout Two: Arujau dec. Garrett, 13-10

65 kg –Nick Lee (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC) vs. Yianni Diakomihalis (Spartan Combat RTC/Titan Mercury WC)

Bout One: Lee dec. Diakomihalis, 7-6

Bout Two: Lee dec. Diakomihalis, 8-8

70 kg – Zain Retherford (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC) vs. Tyler Berger (Pennsylvania RTC/Sunkist Kids WC)

Bout One: Retherford dec. Berger, 11-2

Bout Two: Retherford dec. Berger, 4-3

74 kg – Kyle Dake (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC) vs. Jason Nolf (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC)

Bout One: Dake dec. Nolf, 6-0

Bout Two: Dake dec. Nolf, 3-0

79 kg – Jordan Burroughs (Pennsylvania RTC/Sunkist Kids WC) vs. Chance Marsteller (York City RTC/Titan Mercury WC)

Bout One: Burroughs dec. Marsteller, 3-3

Bout Two: Marsteller dec. Burroughs, 5-4

Bout Three: Marsteller dec. Burroughs, 8-3

86 kg – David Taylor (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC) vs. Aaron Brooks (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC)

Bout One: Taylor dec. Brooks, 6-0

Bout Two: Taylor dec. Brooks, 5-4

92 kg –. Zahid Valencia (Sunkist Kids WC) vs. Michael Macchiavello (Wolfpack WC/Titan Mercury WC)

Bout One: Valencia dec. Macchiavello, 8-0

Bout Two: Valencia dec. Macchiavello, 9-2

97 kg – Kyle Snyder (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC) vs. J’den Cox (Cliff Keen WC/Titan Mercury WC)

Bout One: Snyder inj. dft. Cox, 0:00

Bout Two: Snyder inj. dft. Cox, 0:00

125 kg – Gable Steveson (Gopher WC-RTC) vs. Mason Parris (Cliff Keen WC/Titan Mercury WC)

Bout One: Steveson dec. Parris, 6-2

Bout Two: Steveson dec. Parris, 5-0

Women’s freestyle

50 kg – Sarah Hildebrandt (New York AC/USOPTC) vs. Audrey Jimenez (Sunkist Kids WC)

Bout One: Hildebrandt dec. Jimenez, 8-0

Bout Two: Hildebrandt tech fall Jimenez, 11-0

53 kg – Dominique Parrish (Sunkist Kids WC) vs. Katie Gomez (Sunkist Kids WC)

Bout One – Parrish pin Gomez, 1:54

Bout Two: Parrish dec. Gomez, 5-0

55 kg –Jacarra Winchester (Titan Mercury WC/USOPTC) vs. Alisha Howk (Sunkist Kids WC)

Bout One: Winchester tech fall Howk, 10-0

Bout Two: Winchester tech fall Howk, 11-0

59 kg –Jennifer Page (Titan Mercury WC/Nittany Lion WC) vs. Michaela Beck (Sunkist Kids WC)

Bout One: Page tech fall Beck, 11-0

Bout Two: Page tech fall Beck, 11-0

62 kg – Kayla Miracle (Sunkist Kids WC) vs. Adaugo Nwachukwu (Titan Mercury WC)

Bout One: Miracle dec. Nwachukwu, 6-1

Bout Two: Miracle dec. Nwachukwu,, 10-3

65 kg – Macey Kilty (Sunkist Kids WC) vs. Mallory Velte (Beaver Dam RTC/Titan Mercury WC)

Bout One: Kilty pin Velte, 5:50

Bout Two: Kilty dec. Velte, 6-5

68 kg – Emma Bruntil (Titan Mercury WC/USOPTC) vs. Forrest Molinari (Sunkist Kids WC)

Bout One: Bruntil dec. Molinari, 6-3

Bout Two: Molinari dec. Bruntil, 3-2

Bout Three: Bruntil dec. Molinari, 3-2

72 kg – Amit Elor (New York City RTC/Titan Mercury WC) vs. Joye Levendusky (Southern Oregon RTC)

Bout One: Elor tech. fall Levendusky, 10-0

Bout Two: Elor tech fall Levendusky, 10-0

76 kg –Adeline Gray (New York AC) vs. Kennedy Blades (Sunkist Kids WC)

Bout One: Gray dec. Blades, 7-5

Bout Two: Gray pin Blades, 4:38


55 kg – Brady Koontz (Titan Mercury WC/Dubuque RTC) vs. Dalton Duffield (Army WCAP)

Bout One – Duffield tech fall Koontz, 8-0

Bout Two: Koontz dec. Duffield, 4-1

Bout Three: Koontz dec. Duffield, 7-3

60 kg –Ildar Hafizov (Army WCAP) vs. Dalton Roberts (Army WCAP)

Bout One: Hafizov pin Roberts, 4:01

Bout Two: Roberts tech. fall Hafizov, 9-0

Bout Three: Hafizov dec. Roberts, 2-1

63 kg –Xavier Johnson (Army WCAP) vs. Hayden Tuma (Suples WC)

Bout One: Johnson tech fall Tuma, 10-1

Bout Two: Johnson tech fall Tuma, 10-0

67 kg –. Alejandro Sancho (Army WCAP) vs. Robert Perez III (Sunkist Kids WC)

Bout One: Sancho dec. Perez III, 3-2

Bout Two: Sancho dec. Perez III, 5-1

72 kg –Patrick Smith (Minnesota Storm) vs. Justus Scott (Army WCAP)

Bout One: Scott dec. Smith, 3-3

Bout Two: Smith dec. Scott, 5-4

Bout Three: Smith dec. Scott, 7-5

77 kg – Kamal Bey (Army WCAP) vs. Aliaksandr Kikiniou (California)

Bout One: Bey tech fall Kikiniou, 9-0

Bout Two: Bey dec. Kikiniou, 5-1

82 kg – Spencer Woods (Army WCAP) vs. Ryan Epps (Army WCAP)

Bout One: Woods dec. Epps, 3-3

Bout Two: Epps tech fall Woods, 9-0

Bout Three: Woods dec. Epps, 5-0

87 kg –Zachary Braunagel (Illinois RTC/Illini WC) vs. Alan Vera (New York AC)

Bout One: Vera tech fall Braunagel, 11-0

Bout Two: Braunagel dec. Vera, 6-5

Bout Three: Braunagel inj. dft. Vera, 0:00

97 kg – Josef Rau (Titan Mercury WC) vs. Christian DuLaney (Minnesota Storm)

Bout One: Rau dec. DuLaney, 3-2

Bout Two: Rau tech fall DuLaney, 8-0

130 kg – Cohlton Schultz (Sunkist Kids WC) dec. Adam Coon (Cliff Keen WC/New York AC)

Bout One: Schultz dec. Coon 3-2

Bout Two: Schultz dec. Coon, 5-1



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