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Beat the Streets' Muhamadou Kebbeh wins title at New York Youth State Championship

Twelve Junior League Academy wrestlers placed at the tournament.

Beat the Streets Junior League Academy member Muhamadou Kebbeh claimed the 165-pound title at the 2022 New York Youth State Championship on Sunday.

Kebbeh was among 12 Beat the Streets Junior League Academy members to place at the tournament.

Joshua Lucas Lawson took second at 187 and Hutch Hutchins third at 149 to each place in the top three of their respective weight class.

Michael Hogu claimed fourth (250), while Malcolm Davis (108), Jacob Mendez (97), Shauntee Robinson (250) and Andres Rodriguez (106) all took fifth.

Henry Byrne (92), Arlo Scherr (83) and Sellase Sunu (125) each placed sixth.


Muhamadou Kebbeh - 1st

Joshua Lucas Lawson - 2nd

Hutch Hutchins - 3rd

Michael Hogu - 4th

Malcolm Davis - 5th

Kimberllee Marrero - 5th

Jacob Mendez - 5th

Shauntee Robinson - 5th

Andres Rodriguez - 5th

Henry Byrne - 6th

Arlo Scherr - 6th

Sellase Sunu - 6th

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1 Comment

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Apr 10

Congratulations! tunnel rush

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