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  • Brandon Cain

3 Beat the Streets Academy members medal at New York State Girls Folkstyle Championships

Angelina Caban and Shamil Tavarez each took second, while Rebecca Silber earned third.

Beat the Streets Academy members Angelina Caban, Shamil Tavarez and Rebecca Silber earned a medal in their respective weight classes at the New York State Girls Folkstyle Championships on Saturday.

Caban and Tavarez each took second at 152 and 189 pounds, respectively, while Silber grabbed third at 215 pounds at Tamarac High School in Troy, New York

Shellby Luberisse (215) and Katherine Perez (172) also placed, taking home fourth.

Six other Beat the Street members competed in the tournament: Destiny Bennett (126), Alessandra Elliott (138), Destiny Gibson (110), Elissa Janicki (110), Kathryn Louie (126) and Beautiful Robinson (126).

The state tournament is the next step in the growth and development of wrestling in New York and provides opportunity for high school girls across the state to participate in a premier folkstyle tournament.

“I am super proud with how our girls competed this past weekend in Troy," Beat the Streets girls coach Becka Leathers said. "We had some tough losses, but even better wins.

"I greatly appreciate the efforts of all of the folks who put this tournament together for all girls across New York state. This weekend helped us get one step closer to having a sanctioned girls state tournament moving forward.”


152: Angelina Caban - Second Place

LOSS Palumbo, fall 1:26

WIN Kip, fall 0:20

189: Shamil Tavarez - Second Place

LOSS Mangual, fall 2:51 and 4:29

215: Rebecca Silber - Third Place

WIN Matos, fall 0:58

WIN Luberisse, fall 1:21

LOSS Laforest, 4-0

LOSS Squires, fall 2:34

215: Shellby Luberisse - Fourth Place

LOSS Squires, fall 0:21

LOSS Silber, fall 1:21

WIN Matos, fall 4:41

LOSS Laforest, fall 1:34

172: Katherine Perez - Fourth Place

LOSS McBryde, fall 0:52

WIN Brown, FF

LOSS LaPoint, fall 2:30

LOSS Pollack, fall 1:06

110: Elissa Janicki

LOSS Zucker, 7-1

LOSS McCarley, fall 0:02

110: Destiny Gibson

LOSS Wylie, 12-0 MD

WIN Melchoir, fall 0:30

WIN Zucker, fall 2:28

WIN Elliott, 5-4

LOSS Ridge, 7-3

126: Beautiful Robinson

WIN Walsh, fall 3:11

LOSS Pichardo, fall 5:44

WIN Bennett, 5-1

WIN Tipmanee, 4-2

LOSS Ajello, fall 2:59

126: Destiny Bennett

LOSS Farrell, 7-5

LOSS Robinson, 5-1

126: Kathryn Louie

LOSS Ajello, fall 0:29

LOSS Walsh, fall 1:44

138: Alessandra Elliott

LOSS Westerberg, fall 3:13

LOSS DeMilio, 6-3



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