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  • Ashley Wang

BTS Runs Virtual City Championships in Place of Annual Tournament

Beat the Streets hosted the Virtual City Championships at 4:30pm yesterday via Zoom, filling a void for this year’s lack of tournaments.

The competition began with three qualification rounds, where participants were broken up into small Breakout Room groups based on age and weight. During the three rounds — conditioning, wrestling technique, and strength — student-athletes scored points by completing various bodyweight exercises. The overall top-ten point scorers then made it to the final round, which was formatted as “winner-takes-all.”

While student-athletes in New York City are not yet back on the mats, BTS Director of Programming Emma Randall believes the virtual event provided participants with an alternative avenue for competition.

“It was a great opportunity to provide some type of competitive spirit again,” said Randall.

As for a full return to wrestling, Randall is hopeful for the future.

“We’re doing everything we can, one step at a time, to return to the sport we love,” said Randall.


  1. Arlo Sherr, LREI

  2. Leona Gao, Christa McCauliffe

  3. Hutch Hutchins, LREI

  4. Henry Byrne, LREI

  5. William Dimeola, IS 24

  6. Carlos Guzman, RKA

  7. Dorothea West, MLK

  8. Aaron Custodio, Queens Complex

  9. Leo Gao, BK Tech

  10. Jessica Kemgne, Inwood Academy



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