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  • Ashley Wang

Junior League Alumni All-American at 2021 National Prep Championships

Sulayman Bah, Alex Semenenko earn All-American status

Two Beat the Streets Junior League alumni, Sulayman Bah and Alex Semenenko, earned All-American status at the prestigious National Prep Championship this past weekend in Wilkes-Barre Township, Pennsylvania.

At the tournament, Bah knocked off the first seed in his bracket and took second place wrestling for the Kiski School at 113 lbs. Semenenko, wrestling for Poly Prep, beat the second seed in his bracket and took third at 220 lbs. Jason Dubrasky, another Junior League alum at Poly Prep, also competed at 145 lbs.

Bah, a former middle school student at the M.S. 129 Academy in the Bronx, graduated from the Junior League in fall 2019 and earned himself a full scholarship to Kiski, an elite all-boys boarding school located outside Pittsburgh. Both Semenenko and Dubrasky are now at Poly Prep, with Semenenko previously at David A. Boody Jr. High School and Dubrasky at the Lions Kids Club at Farrell High School in New York City.

“Beat the Streets has helped bring out the best in me,” Bah said. “With the support system they’ve built for me, I’ve been able to improve and learn things from people with more experience.”

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