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  • Ashley Wang

Junior League Returns with In-Person Spring Season

The Junior League is back after a year of virtual programming

The Beat the Streets Junior League is back with an in-person spring season after a year of virtual programming.

The League will be structured this season with each borough having their own team. These teams will practice in a centrally located park twice a week, maintaining all safety guidelines and protocol. Additionally, these teams will compete with other boroughs two times throughout the season on an outdoor mat.

The season, which began May 3, will run until June 19. There will be mid-season Dual Meets on May 22 and 23, as well as a season-ending competition on June 19 at Roosevelt Island with all teams in attendance.

Penn Gottfried, BTS Director of Youth Programming, is excited to be back on the mat after such a long layoff.

"I cannot contain my excitement at getting back to in-person programming for our Junior League wrestlers,” said Gottfried. “After a year of virtual wrestling, seeing them in person getting in a stance and hand fighting last week was a monumental moment. I'm looking forward to the rest of a great season!"

If you are interested in joining the Junior League, please fill out our interest form here.



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