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One Year Later: Catching Up with Justin Harmon

One year after his 2019 video feature as a then-Academy member, Justin Harmon is now a first-year student at senior military college Norwich University. At Norwich, Harmon is keeping busy as a member of both the ROTC and the wrestling team, where he has had the opportunity to train with two-time World bronze medalist Alyssa Lampe.

How was the transition from high school to college?

The first few months were a big transition, especially coming in from high school in New York City to go to a senior military college in Vermont. It's a lot of building new habits, waking up early, and being disciplined, fast, and efficient. Do you know what you're studying in college?

I'm studying criminal justice. I've been interested in federal criminal law enforcement since I was young, so that's what I hope to do in the future. What has college wrestling been like?

College wrestling is great. I got to wrestle with Alyssa Lampe while she was in the area. It's been a lot of fun working with her. I'm really hoping there will be a season this year. What have you learned from being at Norwich?

I’ve learned confidence, discipline, and what it means to be an efficient and effective leader. As a freshman, this lifestyle is still new to me. But I know that it’s helping. I feel different. I feel different mentally, physically, and in how I talk to people. My confidence has definitely been boosted. How has the BTS Academy helped prepare you for college?

The Academy has given me so many opportunities and really taught me how to talk to people. I think I stood out because I was able to tell coaches, "I want to come to your school and wrestle for you." I still talk to my Academy coaches on a regular, weekly basis.

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Jan Bergstrom
Jan Bergstrom
30 abr

Great interview! :) Wishing Justin 365 days of positivity and love!

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