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    Our Mission

    The mission of Beat the Streets Wrestling™ is to develop the full human and athletic potential of the urban youth and to strengthen the culture of New York City wrestling.

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    Recent News

    Recent News

    Beat the Streets Announces the First BTS Academy Class

    By Allix Williamson 09/19/2019, 4:00pm EDT

    Sport Hijab Donations Helps Wrestling Grow in NYC

    By Ken Bigley 08/29/2019, 12:30pm EDT

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    Takedowns and Tonics 2019 Raises $13,000 for BTS Junior League

    By Allix Williamson 08/29/2019, 11:30am EDT

    Sulayman Bah Writes a New Chapter of His Wrestling Story

    By Allix Williamson 08/08/2019, 10:45am EDT

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    “Beat the Streets gives us a lot of opportunities that you can’t get anywhere else. We have SAT
    Prep, we get to go to tournaments, and the people there really care about you.”

    - Ayomide, senior

    “After wrestling for a while, I started to get more motivated. There are lots of life lessons that wrestling has taught me. Because of the sport, I’ve been able to try new things and travel to new places.”

    - Tavion, junior

    “Not a lot of people are able to stick with such an intense sport like wrestling, but I’ve slowly
    fallen in love with it. I love to win and I love to learn from my experiences.”

    - Lizbeth, junior


    Number of colleges (6) and cities (5) that Beat the Streets members visited during the 2018 summer tour.


    Amount raised, in millions, at the 2019 Beat the Streets Annual Benefit in support of New York City's youth wrestling community.


    Percent of Junior League Parents who saw improvement in their child's academic performance since joining Beat the Streets.

    Building Strength in NYC Youth Since 2005

    Back in 2005, a small group of passionate wrestlers had a vision centered around the idea that if the lessons learned on the wrestling mat-- a strong work ethic, grit, perseverance, self-reliance, humility-- are applied to other areas of life, then so much more can be achieved in a lifetime. 

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