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  • Brandon Cain

Student-athletes learn value of networking at Beat the Streets Academy Career Day

More than 30 Beat the Streets Academy student-athletes participated in the fifth annual BTS Academy Career Day on Wednesday at the BTS Training Center.

The BTS Academy Career Day is an annual event that allows high school student-athletes in the Academy program to get out of their comfort zone, network with business professionals and explore potential career paths.

BTS Academy student-athletes split into small groups and delivered an elevator pitch to introduce themselves and share their academic and career goals with business professionals. The professionals also shared their college and career journeys, and the many pathways and opportunities they can pursue.

"I learned the importance of building a strong network of trustworthy and loyal friends, nurturing your talents and interests as well as the valuable lessons of wrestling that can be applied to your career such as hard work and discipline," BTS Academy member Vance Johnson said.

"It was a pleasure to meet so many inspiring young people that are a part of the Beat the Streets New York City chapter that are interested in various careers - doctors, engineers, joining the U.S. Army - and helping them explore career choices," Beat the Streets National Director of Operations Jon Guevara said. "(I was also) able to tell them about my professional and student-athlete journey with Beat the Streets (in Philadelphia)."

BTS Board of Directors and Leadership Council members were among the 35 business professionals who took time out of their day to speak with BTS Academy student-athletes.

“Career Day is an incredible resource for the kids," BTS Board of Directors member Dorothy Ruderman said. "It allows the students to get exposure and insight into both fields they’re interested in and areas they may not be familiar with. Having access to a broad range of speakers allows for fields to appear much more approachable, encouraging their interests and personal growth.

"As a speaker, I greatly appreciate the opportunity to spend time with the kids individually. It’s powerful to have visibility and a reference point which allows them to begin to build and map their future.”

About Beat the Streets 

Since being founded in 2005, Beat the Streets has pioneered a movement that now includes 150 individual wrestling programs, a youth league and the first girls high school league.

Beat the Streets works to develop the full human and athletic potential of New York City urban youth and strengthen the city's wrestling culture. Beat the Streets aims to make a lifelong impact on student-athletes through the lessons learned on the wrestling mat -- discipline, perseverance, self-reliance, humility and a strong work ethic. For more information about Beat the Streets, visit and follow Beat the Streets on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and X.



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