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Beat the Streets caps 2021 Junior League season with City Championships

More than 20 wrestlers claimed individual city titles, while three different teams took home a team crown.

Beat the Streets crowned more than 20 individual champions and three team champs at the 2021 Junior League City Championships on Sunday at Eagle Academy in the Bronx.

K-Wrestling scored 37 points to claim the novice title ahead of Upper Ten Eyck (35) and Harlem Jets Wrestling (34). Eagle Academy (31) and Elite WA (29) rounded out the top five.

M.S. 129 Academy for Independent Learning and Leadership took the boys standard crown with 122 points over K-Wrestling (108). Harlem Jets (104), Cornerstone Academy (98.5) and Eagle Academy (82.5) also finished in the top five.

In the girls standard division, Rafael Hernandez (38) edged out Roosevelt Island (34) by four points for the title. Eagle Academy (28), Elite WA (24) and K-Wrestling (19.5) each claimed a top-five finish.

Across all divisions, K-Wrestling had the most individual city champs with four: Laziz Erkinjonov, Maxim Belousov, Shota Kundukhashvili and Kumush Kakhramonova. Elite WA, Harlem Jets and Roosevelt Island each had three, while Lrei, M.S. 129, Rafael Hernandez and Upper Ten Eyck each had two.

“I’m extremely proud of everyone involved in the Junior League this year," BTS Director of Youth Programming Penn Gottfried said. "Every team had to overcome obstacles just to get on the mat, but as wrestlers do, they persevered. Thank you to all the coaches, parents and of course wrestlers, and I’m excited for the future of NYC wrestling.”

Individual champions

Lucas Tiankee (Roosevelt Island)

Ronin Barro (Elite WA)

Eric Bocanegra, Jr. (Harlem Jets)

Laziz Erkinjonov (K-Wrestling)

Lorenzo Tiankee (Roosevelt Island)

Nate Gonzalez (Cornerstone Academy)

Maxim Belousov (K-Wrestling)

Shota Kundukhashvili (K-Wrestling)

Hutch Hutchins (Lrei)

Muhammadou Kebbeh (M.S. 129)

Joshua Lucas-Lawson (M.S. 129)

Jahsiah Graham (Upper Ten Eyck)

Zaine Wilson (Robert Wagner)

Jude Mortenson (Harlem Jets)

Daniel Podryadchikov (Elite WA)

Benjamin Weinberg (Harlem Jets)

Henry Byrne (Lrei)

Jeremiah Persaud (Upper Ten Eyck)

Nathaniel Mathews (Eagle Academy)

Angel Vasconez (Rafael Hernandez)

Adem Okur (Rka)

Mia Barro (Elite WA)

Kumush Kakhramonova (K-Wrestling)

Leona Gao (Roosevelt Island)

Yanelis Rodriguez (Rafael Hernandez)

Novice team scores

K-Wrestling (37)

Upper Ten Eyck (35)

Harlem Jets (34)

Eagle Academy (31)

Elite WA (29)

Rafael Hernandez (27)

Roosevelt Island (25)

Brooklyn Landmark (20)

Lrei (18)

Cornerstone Academy (16)

Rka (16)

Robert Wagner (16)

Standard Boys team scores

M.S. 129 (122)

K-Wrestling (108)

Harlem Jets (104)

Cornerstone Academy (98.5)

Eagle Academy (82.5)

Lrei (42)

Roosevelt Island (41.5)

Hunter College Middle School (41)

Rka (40)

Upper Ten Eyck (33)

Robert Wagner (33)

Elite WA (27)

Farrell Lions (18)

Vhs (16)

Brooklyn Landmark (7)

Standard Girls team scores

Rafael Hernandez (38)

Roosevelt Island (34)

Eagle Academy (28)

Elite WA (24)

K-Wrestling (19.5)

Robert Wagner (14)

Brooklyn Landmark (9)

Harlem Jets (9)


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davenport kim
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Nicholas Shaffer
Nicholas Shaffer
22 mai

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Richard William
Richard William
09 mai

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Nicholson Percy
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