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  • Ashley Wang

Beat the Streets Academy Mid-Year Review

After its sixth Academy Day last Wednesday, the Beat the Streets Academy Program is now halfway through its 2020-21 year.

According to Director of Programming Emma Randall, there has been a higher frequency of Academy Days compared to the year prior.

“We planned to have more Academy Days with the hope that we could wrestle in January,” Randall said. “Even though that won’t be happening, it was a good thing that allowed us to more easily get to know new faces in a virtual setting.”

Notable Academy Day topics so far include financial skills, communications, and academic success. Speakers included Emilio Collins, Chief Business Officer at Excel Sports Management; Chris Lindsey, Managing Director of Bank Relations at Jane Street; Sue Ballard, Business Support Consultant at Wells Fargo Securities; and Andrew Bonita, Managing Director at Antarctica Capital.

In addition to these topics, Academy students have been writing journal entries, answering Common App questions, and participating in Zoom discussions. According to Randall, these discussions are a way for students to further develop their communication skills.

“It’s easy for everyone to be at each other’s throats right now, so it’s important to practice respectfully conversing and expressing opinions without getting upset.”

Despite the move to virtual programming, Randall thinks the Academy is in a positive place right now.

“The kids have done a great job of showing up,” said Randall. “All of our student-athletes are both mentoring younger Junior League kids, as well as being mentored by either Board Members of members of our Leadership Council. We're hopeful for next year.”



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