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  • Ashley Wang

BTS to Host Spartan Race Fundraiser on June 12

Run with Beat the Streets at our first public fundraiser since 2019

Beat the Streets is excited to announce that we will be hosting our very first open-to-the-public fundraiser since 2019! BTS student-athletes and coaches will run alongside members of our staff, Board, and other volunteers at the Tri-State New York Spartan Sprint 5K at 1pm on Saturday, June 12 in Bethel, NY.

For this event, BTS will be implementing peer-to-peer fundraising. If you'd like to run in the Spartan Race, we encourage you to create a personal fundraising page where you can reach out to and raise money from friends, family, and other peers.

Here are the steps you can take to participate:

  1. Reserve your spot in the Spartan Race by emailing John Rollins at

  2. Create a personal fundraising page by clicking here.

  3. Share your fundraising page.

  4. Lace up your shoes and run!

We are beyond pumped for this race and encourage everyone to run! However, if you are unable to make it, you can also find an individual racer and donate to their page or make a general donation here.

Let's make this a memorable, fun, and successful event. We are looking forward to seeing you all in person.

All details can be found at



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