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  • Brandon Cain

Job Posting: Beat the Streets hiring drivers

The drivers will assist with transporting wrestling mats to New York City schools for dual meets and tournaments.

Beat the Streets is hiring drivers to assist with transporting wrestling mats to New York City schools.

Beat the Streets (BTS), established in 2006, is a sport-based youth development organization whose mission is to develop New York City urban youth's full human and athletic potential and strengthen NYC's wrestling culture. BTS works with an average of 2,500 male and female student-athletes in all five boroughs, aged 10-18. Programs include the Academy, the Junior League and the Training Center. In addition, BTS partners with the NYC Department of Education’s Public Schools Athletic League (PSAL) which sponsors a boys and co-ed wrestling season in the winter and a girls wrestling season in the spring.

Reporting to Delivery and Logistics Coordinator Ray Novelli, the drivers will help support transporting wrestling mats to NYC schools for dual meets and tournaments.


  • $20 per hour (3-5 days per week, primarily during school year)

Skills & Qualifications

  • Ability to follow assigned routes

  • Valid Driver's License

  • Must be 18 years old or older

  • Experience driving a larger vehicle is a bonus

  • Must complete USA Wrestling Leader certifications including a background check and SafeSport abuse prevention and awareness training

  • Must complete at least a phone interview and provide references

For more information and to apply for a driver job, email Ray Novelli at or 814-334-2321.



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